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Mallard Manor Events Calendar

Thank you for your interest in Mallard Manor and what the Mississippi Delta has to offer in this great waterfowling experience.  As hunters ourselves, we understand the strong responsibility to reach out to the young hunters of this great nation and have taken steps over the past few years in implementing a program designed to help meet this need.  With that being said, we have expanded our youth and ministry programs to help meet this great need and will not be offering commercially guided hunts to the general public during the 2011-12 season.  This is something that might change in the future but this is the direction that we will be headed this fall and winter season.  If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested in sending their youth to one of our programs, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and be placed on our email list for future news and happenings at Mallard Manor.  Below is a list of some of the events that we have coming up in the near future. 

Pleaseclick hereto be placed on our email list for future news about Mallard Manor Ministries.  We usually send seasonal emails pertaining to event dates being posted, etc…

2011- 2012-Pastors’ Gospel Gunnin' Hunting Retreats 

Mallard Manor Ministries would like to thank all those who serve in vocational ministry by putting out a “hail call” to bi-vocational and vocational ministers of the gospel! Whether you are the senior pastor, youth pastor or maybe the worship pastor of your church…this event is for you!

Many people underestimate the power of the .410 shotgun….for this event big things do come in small packages that won’t break your wallet like $410! This includes lodging, meals, and 2 guided a.m. duck hunts! We will offer an extended stay option for $100 for those who may need the extra day for travel arrangements, which includes lodging and meals. We will not duck hunt on Thursday. Check-in will be Monday 2 p.m. – Until and Check – out will be Wednesday by or before 2 p.m. This would be a great gift to give your pastor as an appreciation for his service in ministry!

"I highly recommend this ministry to my fellow pastors."   -  Former Senior Pastor - Mickey Dalrymple, Fairview Baptist Church, Columbus, MS



January 3-5, 2012

January 9-11, 2012 "Bro. John "PJ" Mortensen"




Attendence Disclaimer:  We are often asked whether or not someone qualifies for this event.  We thank God for the diversity of ministries that exist today and it is not our goal to exclude people working in different types of ministries.  As Christians, we are all ministers for the Lord, but we have a very limited amount of slots available for these events and must narrow down the attendee list to a particular group.  The purpose of these events is to be an encouraging time for professional clergy to gather together with men of like mind and profession and share their goals, hurts, victories, trials, and experiences.  We value all non-clerical ministers with high regard but we are not able to allow non-clergy to attend these events due to the limited space available.  So, in order to qualify to attend this event, one must either be:  a professional minister/clergyman that is bi-vocational or vocational who has received the call into the gospel ministry OR a professional minister/clergyman in transition between appointments.

Slots filled up quickly last season, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

DiscipleNOW Youth Duck Hunts

As a youth, did you ever wish that you could go hunt ducks but never had anyone to take you or go hunting in an area that had a lot of ducks?  Or perhaps, you are a parent in today’s world wanting some way to teach your youth about hunting and the way of life that outdoorsmen enjoy but just don’t have the resources to do so.  Well, this program is designed to fulfill these needs. 

The DiscipleNOW youth hunting program is a mentoring program with the goal to give youth awesome hunting opportunities in the outdoors and help them better understand what life's journey is all about! We encourage youth through Bible study in the duck blind or maybe on the dove field to know God personally through His Son Jesus and to live each day of their lives under the authority of God's Word.  These events have been a hit since there beginning and we look forward to continue offering this great experience. 

Please view the Mallard Manor Ministries page of our website for more detailed information and downloadable forms.

Cost is $375.  Scholarship may be available.  If the hunts are full, please still call or email us to place your child's name on a waiting list for the next available hunt. Cancellations do happen.
Check-in is from 6:00- 7:00 p.m. on Friday. Check-out time is 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. (We will have a morning worship service after Sunday's hunt. Commencement/ Worship service will be from 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Parents are invited to attend. We kindly ask that parents refrain from dropping kids off early and promptly pick up their child on the final day.)

DiscipleNOW Youth Dove/Teal Hunt

Many of our young people in the summer kept mentioning that they would love to go on a dove hunt if we would plan one. Well, we decided to offer the same great experience we have had with our duck hunting program on the dove field. Safety is our utmost concern and youth are required to wear safety glasses at all times on the field and are spread out evenly across a large field with our counselors. The cost is $210 for the weekend which includes 2-3 hunts (depending on success of Saturday a.m. hunt) clay shoot, lodging and meals.

Date:  Please check back!

Check-in is from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. on Friday. Check-out time is 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. (We will have a morning worship service after Sunday's hunt. Commencement/Worship service will be from 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. Parents are invited to attend. We kindly ask that parents refrain from dropping kids off early and promptly pick up their child on the final day.)

If hunts are full, please still call or email us
to place your child's name on a waiting list
for the next available hunt. Cancellations do happen.


Outdoorsman Summer Camp Program 2012

Our summer camp is different than most because of our small group atmosphere. We host 22 campers per session. The quality of our program is extremely important to us and although we could house more campers, we choose to keep numbers low for a great experience. Here are the dates for each camp and some of the details of what your child may be involved with during their stay.

2012 Camp Dates 
Cost is $275 for Sunday-Wednesday
includes lodging, meals, activities & t-shirt


The following camps will specialize in the activities listed... not that we will not bowfish, shoot bows, or fish during the other camps but activities for each specialized camp will be built around said theme. Our goal is to give the youth more time in the activity that they are most interested in. Please be advised that we may not be able to conduct all of the activities listed due to the weather, time constraints, or availability.

June 3-6, 2012 Boys 10-14 Bowfishing/Anglers' Camp  (Depending on weather and availability camp may include boat bowfishing, bowfishing setup and tips, fishing for bass & bream, fishing tournament, 3D archery, clay shoot, fun at the lake, and other activities.) Optional Hunter's Education Certification on final day of camp...already certified campers may leave after Camp Commencement at 12:30 p.m. while others stay to finish up the course by 5:00 p.m.

June 10-13, 2012 Boys 10-14 Anglers Camp - (depending on weather & availability …camp may include:  hybrid bass & bream fishing, catfishing, bowfishing, scouting techniques & lure selection, flipping & casting tournament, team fishing rodeo & tips with Bro. Jim Phillips…director of the Fishers of Men Tournament trail, 3D archery, clay shoot, and fun at the lake and other activities!)

June 17-20, 2012 Boys 14-18 Bowfishing/Predator Camp (depending on weather & time availability…camp may include: coyote hunt, still/stalk hog hunt, precision rifle competitions, fishing, boat bowfishing, predator calling school, 3D Archery competition, clay shoot, dog training, waterfowling seminars, and other activities.) Youth ages 16 & over will need a valid MS hunting license.

June 24-27,2012 Boys 10-14 Outdoorsman Camp (includes Hunter's Education Certification during the camp...this is our introduction camp which focuses on introducing youth to archery, firearms, fishing, etc….camp ends at normal time 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday.  If a youth has already received their Hunter’s Education Certification, it is not recommended to come to this camp date vs. others as there will be class time required and activities are centered around facilitating others to receive their certification.)

July 8-11, 2012 Boys 10-14 Outdoorsman Camp (includes Hunter's Education Certification during the camp...this camp focuses on archery, firearms, fishing, bowfishing, dog training, hunting strategies, etc….camp ends at normal time 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday.)

July 15-18 Girls 10-15 Outdoor Girls Camp (Depending on weather & availability camp may include: clay shoot, riflery, fishing, archery, group games, and fun at the lake and other activities!) (Optional Hunter's Education Certification on final day of camp… already certified campers may leave after Camp Commencement at 12:30 p.m. while others stay to finish up the course by 5:00 p.m.)

July 22-25,2012  Boys ages 12-18  Bowhunting/Shooting School Camp (Depending on weather and may include precision rifle shooting and ballistics class, in-depth wingshooting class, "fitting your gun" seminar which deals with patterning & fitting a gun to the shooting needs, 3D Archery shoots & competitions, bow tuning & proper setup 101, aging deer on the hoof, "filming your own hunt" class, shot placement & blood trail recovery, deer scouting techniques and stand placement, bowfishing, bow clay shoot, fishing, fun at the lake and other activities...)

Church Retreats & Staff Meetings

Our facility is also available to rent during the off-season.  Church groups and other organizations may want to hold their retreats or maybe even their staff meetings at Mallard Manor.  Please contact us for more information and pricing.  We desire that this be a place of refuge for all who come to Mallard Manor.

Wedding & Event Rental

Our facility is available to rent during the off-season for wedding and meetings.  Please contact us for more information and pricing. 
Wedding Event Info

Wild Game Dinner Assistance
If you are in the process of planning a wild game supper Kevin Drewry
for your church and need help finding a speaker, please feel free to give a contact to Kevin Drewry, who travels across the country speaking at various churches and can serve as a resource in helping you locate a speaker as well! You may contact Kevin through his website.

(The following are testimonials from two highly respected pastors if you are a leader in ministry who might want a cross-reference about our program we offer.)

Dear Pastors and Staff Members,

It is my joy to recommend Mallard Manor and its programs for your consideration for ministry opportunities.  I have been familiar with Mallard Manor from its inception as Dr. Terry Westmoreland, owner, is a faithful member of Fairview .  His heart is to reach young people for Christ and to help them grow into fruitful disciples. 

Dr. Westmoreland and his family have made several trips to Peru on Medical Missions and have been involved in hundreds coming to faith in Christ.  Evangelism is at their hearts as a family.

Kevin Drewry, Assistant Manager/ Camp Director is a current student of New Orleans Baptist Seminary and has a heart for reaching youth.  He too is connected with Fairview Baptist, having married one of our members and I can recommend his leadership with no reservations.

Mallard Manor Ministries offers a tremendous opportunity for young people to be exposed to the outdoors, to have the opportunity to develop hunting skills, and to develop in their relationship with God.  We have had several youth from Fairview participate in their ministries and they have greatly benefited from the experience.

Mallard Manor is also an excellent location for deacon retreats, men's groups, etc.  In addition, it is a very family friendly facility.

I am convinced any group will find an event at Mallard Manor beneficial.  I can highly recommend them as a solid Christian ministry.  They are theologically sound, Biblically based, evangelistically focused, and Christ centered.

Yours in reaching others,

Mickey Dalrymple

Former Senior Pastor

Fairview Baptist Church

127 Airline Road

Columbus , MS 39702

Dear Pastor/Church Staff

Somewhere within your church or outreach circle, there is a young person needing reached for Christ that conventional means doesn't appeal to. They enjoy the outdoors or possess a spirit of adventure that the local church doesn't seem to exhibit. If someone comes to mind as you read this, please pay attention.

A few years ago God started reaching youth and students through the outreach ministries of Mallard Manor. Inviting them to various camps and experiences at an otherwise wintertime duck hunting camp, turned out to be quite effective. Several families in my church have been reached through this innovative endeavor. Two of my three sons have also worked for Mallard Manor in this ministry. The young man that heads up this outreach is Kevin Drewry and he and his wife are members of my church.

Henry Blackaby once said, "Look for where God is working and join Him there." Friend, God is working through this ministry. Please look over their information and prayerfully consider who you may want to recommend to attend a future event. You will find their staff easy to work with and I promise they will take every possible means to accommodate your students or prospects into their events. You may also want to ask about using their facilities for some future event. We held a deacon's retreat there a few years back and our men were excited about their accommodations.

Feel free to contact me personally if I can be of further assistance.

Jim Phillips

Sr. Pastor

North Greenwood Baptist Church

Greenwood , MS

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