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“Hunting camp does not have to mean ‘roughing it’.  What a delight to have clean warm beds, my own bathroom and scrumptious meals in addition to the great duck hunting action I enjoyed at Mallard Manor.  I recommend this place to anyone looking for a waterfowl hunting experience that is a cut above the rest.”
Brenda Valentine
"First Lady of Hunting" TM

  Brenda Valentine and Lab

Dr: Westmoreland:

Just wanted to follow up after our trip to Mallard Manor to say how impressive the entire event was for Mossy Oak productions. We were able to get an entire television episode in a day and a half which is rare to say the least. More importantly was the way we were treated while at Mallard Manor. The people, the guides and the accommodations were great. I personally appreciate the family atmosphere that seems to go hand in hand with the operation. We really felt at home and look forward to a return visit someday. Thanks for having the camo cameras in camp.

Ronnie Strickland
Sr. VP Media
Haas Outdoors / Mossy Oak


“Wow, words cannot express adequately the experience we had this past weekend at Mallard Manor.  You and your staff have set the bench mark for the way a lodge and entertaining facility should be run.  If there was a Ritz Carlton chain of hunting lodges then Mallard Manor would be the flag ship.  Please give our sincere thanks to Bonnie, Peyton, Michael, and the other staff members that went over and beyond to make our experience one for the memory book.”




“ You all did an outstanding job for the gathering.  Sometimes, I think that by the end of the season, the staff and guides should be really tired and ready for the season to end.  But, you all ran on a high level of enthusiasm and excellence.  I really am grateful for everything you did to make our experience a great one.”

Robert Brandon

Birmingham , AL


“What a great experience!!  We had a wonderful time on our 2 day trip to Mallard Manor.  We limited out both days and most of all had great friendly fellowship during our hunts.  Our guide (Michael) and his dog (Max) were great to hunt with while the ducks and geese were pouring in.  The facilities are world class and our hats go off to the staff and cooks for great hospitality.  We look forward to our next visit to the Manor! Thanks again Kevin!”


Heath Parker & Chris McCants

Testimonial Photo
Testimony Photo

Just wanted to let the Mallard Manor and its staff know much fun we had on our 2 day hunt.  A special thanks to our guides Scott and Bill.  They were a blast to hunt with.  I have hunted  Illinois , Kodiak Island &  Kotzebue Alaska , Northwest Territories , Arkansas and Alberta in the past 6 years (even guided duck hunters a few times).  This is the first guided hunt I have been on where I can say I came back home refreshed and not worn slap out.  I have never been around a better outfitting service and or staff.  This is a first class operation including it's accommodations, food and hunting.  They go out of the way to make sure clients enjoy every aspect of the experience of duck hunting.  Thanks Kevin and Jeff for making sure our limited time away from work and family was an enjoyment.  "There is a Place"

Marcus Casano

Marcus Casano





Thank you very much for the great time had by all of my group.  You have the finest service and accommodations that I have ever stayed at for a hunting facility in the USA .  Thank you for all your kindness.


“By far, the best guided duck hunt that any of us have ever been on.  The finest accommodations, 5 star dining, coupled with world class duck hunting made this one of the most memorable times of our lives.  From Michael, Kevin, and the kitchen staff to Bill & David our guides, they all made sure our stay at Mallard Manor would be one to never forget.”

Vance Mitchell, Jason Tomplet, Eric Coco, Ron Banker

  Vance Mitchell, Jason Tomplet, Eric Coco, Ron Banker

A note to let you know how very much we enjoyed our 4 days at Mallard Manor.  Spending mornings in a duck blind with my 3 sons was a very special time for me.  The hunting was fabulous, as we limited on mallards, pintail and teal, with a speckle belly thrown in for good measure.  Our guide was superb in his skill, enthusiasm and camaraderie.  Returning to the Manor, we were treated with great hospitality and all details were provided for in advance.  The food was wonderful and the accommodations top notch.  Over riding all of these important ingredients were the good intentions and constant attentiveness of the entire staff.  You are all “good people” and our time at the Manor will be remembered as a high quality experience.  I will recommend you to others without hesitation and will look to returning again, as often as possible,  in the years to come.                        

  Clinch Heyward   … Pawleys Island , SC

  Clinch Heyward Group

Dear Mallard Manor "team",

I wanted to write you and let all of you know how much Stephen and I enjoyed the time spent at Mallard Manor the past two years.  It is a very special place made so by the people there.  The hunting is truly outstanding. However, what is most impressive is the staff. Everyone is so wonderful and it is a place that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Kevin, our guide, is very knowledgeable and a joy to hunt with. I wouldn't want to hunt with anyone else!  The hunts were exciting and we had an awesome time.  I pray that God will continue to use Mallard Manor in such a special way.  Thank You all for a great, great time.  I look forward to returning to Mallard Manor as soon as possible.

Thanks Again and God Bless,

 John Collier



“Our group had a great time.  Kevin and the other staff's hospitality and customer service were second to none.  The personal attention to detail and meeting all of our needs was great.  The food and facilities were great.  This was my first experience to hunt at a lodge and with a guide and the staff at Mallard Manor set the bar high.  I look forward to making a return trip.”

Don Murphy

  Don Murphy & friends

What a great hunt! There were lots of ducks, outstanding food, and superior hospitality. The facility was amazing and the staff definitely knows how to treat their guests. Thanks to Kevin and the banded duck, we had a hunt of lifetime! Thanks for a wonderful weekend and for being such terrific hosts. We can't wait to come back!”

Jeff and Trish Lofton


“Great Hunt! Ducks were in good supply and we were treated like royalty. I have been coming for years and each hunt is better than the last one!”

Hilliard and Hilly Griffin

Hilliard and Hilly Griffin

Hillard & Hilly Griffin


“Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend at
your place. Definitely want to do it again next year. Michael, Kevin and the staff were some of the nicest folks I've ever met and I'm glad my grandkids got the opportunity to meet all of you and enjoy the facility . My granddaughter, Madison Pearson wasn't actually too sold on coming on this trip but she leaned over to me while we were all shooting skeet and told me she loved this! I also got to see my grandson , Cole, bag his first dove. I'm an old guy who is often sort of tight with his spending, at least that is what my family tells me, but I'd like to bring more of my family back next year and do this again. Thanks for such a great time and for just being the kind of host you all are.”

Allen McDaniel

“We had an outstanding hunt at the Manor last year.  The food was outstanding and the facilities were top notch.  It is hard to complain when you can kill your limit and be back at the Manor eating a warm breakfast before 8:30!  In fact, we booked a goose hunting trip this year just so we would have something to do the rest of the day.  Each day we had our limits within an hour and could have easily killed several limits.  Our group has hunted Arkansas , Reelfoot and other places, but we have never been anywhere with the amenities and hunting offered at the Manor.


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